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The delphij's research site was moved to his own server on 2005-11-16.

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TMPFS 20070809 snapshot

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Technology should benefit everyone without being taint by any political reasons.

About this site

This is a site which intends to publish some of my ongoing researches, mainly on Computer Science and its applications, focusing networking, information security, P2P computing, etc. Recent work is FreeBSD, but it is not the only topic :-) Everything on this site is considered to be experimental, and hence, has potential ability to cause data loss, or other expense. No guarantee is provided here on anything, including and not limited to fitness, merchantabilities, correctness, etc.

Please note that except specifically claimed, all contents under this site is covered by strict copyright and no usage of these materials are allowed without prior (written) permission. Please note that all BSD-derived code, including patchsets here, are licenced under same BSD licence and you can use them under the terms of their BSD licences.

Some old "delphijfork" patches

Most of the so-called "delphijfork" patches. Since I don't have much time to maintain them at this time and most of them have been merged to FreeBSD -CURRENT and even -STABLE, only a subset is listed here.

CVS access to the research site

Currently, the anonymous CVS service of this site was offline temporarily due to lack of maintaince energy. A CVSweb interface is currently available at GeekCN CVSweb. The service would be back as soon as I have free time to set it up.

Everything here would be finally released under a 2-clause BSD or MIT licence. No, do not ask why I would not choose GPL, it is nothing different from having enforce someone to obey my thought by the point of a gun. If you want to send something to me I would like to see some BSD- or MIT- licensed stuff, and all GPL stuff would force me to rewrite it if I have accepted the idea.


Old stuff

FreeBSD patches (old)

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